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SubjectRe: Ports sticking in 2.1.[8910]..

Alan Cox wrote:
> > > Well, I haven't seen anyone else mention it, so I thought I would. Since
> > > 2.1.8 I have been having ports stick in FIN_WAIT2. 2.1.7 works fine. Did
> > > anyone else notice this?
> > I have for one....and also that 2.1.10 is still vunerable to large packet
> > pings for me without Alan Cox's big-ping patch
> Im now starting to back merge the 2.0.2x fixes into 2.1.10/11. The 2.1.x
> also does change TCP so the stuck in FIN_WAIT2 may well be a real problem.

I also have the problem of ports sticking, but not
in FIN_WAIT2, they are in the state CLOSING with
recv_q = trans_q = 1.

As luck was to have it, my ppp link went down last
night due to a stupid config error on my part. But
the strange thing was that my kernel 2.1.10 started
to emit messages like

kernel: droping syn ack:10 max:10

which is of course expected. However, they never went
away even after the link came back up. After that,
I restarted sendmail, which stopped those syn messages,
but instead caused at least six message every 10s of the

Socket destroy delayed (r=0 w=288)

I had to reboot to cure the socket destroyed problem.

What should be noted though is that the system never
encountered any other problem. So it's nothing but
a syslog hog :)
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