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SubjectRe: fix for the module problems in 2.1.11

On Tue, 19 Nov 1996, David S. Miller wrote:

> This should clear up everything people are reporting with 2.1.11

It doesn't.
I'm using modules-2.1.8 with the patch that went through the list, and the
2.1.11 kernel with your patch applied.

ufp:/lib/modules/2.1.11/misc# insmod lp.o
init_module: Timer expired
ufp:/lib/modules/2.1.11/misc# insmod netlink.o
init_module: Invalid slot
ufp:/lib/modules/2.1.11/misc# insmod sound.o
init_module: Bad font file format
ufp:/lib/modules/2.1.11/fs# insmod sysv.o
init_module: Device not a stream
ufp:/lib/modules/2.1.11/fs# insmod umsdos.o
init_module: File locking deadlock error
ufp:/lib/modules/2.1.11/fs# insmod nfs.o
init_module: No data available
ufp:/lib/modules/2.1.11/fs# insmod binfmt_aout.o
init_module: Invalid request descriptor
ufp:/lib/modules/2.1.11/block# insmod rd.o
init_module: Timer expired

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