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SubjectRe: Printer on fire - I feel like an idiot

> (Marko Siladin) wrote on 18.11.96 in <>:
> > > Seriously, it's for unknown errors - off line is reported when the
> > > printer is off-line, out of paper is reported when the printer is out
> > > of paper, on fire is reported when the kernel doesn't know.
I've had a Panasonic and a couple Epson(!) printers, and never has a Linux
kernel reported offline as anything other than "on fire". Repeatedly
"on fire". Spamming-the-logfile-repeatedly "on fire".

> > But the problem is that my printer was - off-line and that the driver
> > did not detect that. Now I understand that there are many printers out
> In that case, the best explanation is probably that either your printer
> does something wrong with the signals, or your printer cable is not quite
> wired right.
Two different cables, though both are generic-cheapo.

> There *is* a definition on how to handle the different signals on that
> parallel port. All parties should conform to it, or confusion will result
> - as happened in your case.
Perhaps. But then again, there are "definitions" (such as PostScript) which
are incomplete or inaccurate without reading between the lines and knowing
what really happens...

Does anyone get an "offline" status (presumably from lpq or lpc stat after
the printer's been offline when lpd wanted to feed it something) from a
printer which is merely offline, without kernel patches?


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