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    SubjectRe: News gateway problem


    On Tue, 19 Nov 1996, Albert Cahalan wrote:

    > Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 19:11:57 -0500 (EST)
    > From: Albert Cahalan <>
    > To:
    > Subject: Re: News gateway problem
    > From: (Alan Cox)
    > >
    > >>> I do NOT want my email address in any header. I am getting
    > >>
    > >> You should be able to put invalid addresses into your headers
    > >> yourself, regardless of whether you use the news or the mail
    > >> entry point.
    > Poor, but it might be usable.
    > > If you place false email addresses into your headers then if your
    > > traffic enters the UK at least you will be committing an offence.
    > Hmmm, most of the spammers do that. Has one been prosecuted?

    Perhaps if they were it would discourage future spammers. Have _you_ filed
    a legal complaint with the appropriate authorities concerning any of the
    sapm you have received?

    > The mail would come from vger, and it would have these headers intact:
    > > From Tue Nov 19 17:17:31 1996
    > > Sender:
    > Is that good enough? I'm not a UK resident, so the transmission
    > to vger is legal. I would not pretend to be someone else.
    > I still think the gateway and archives should obscure addresses.
    > I find spam in my mailbox every day, all of it because this list
    > exposes my address on usenet.
    > Does anybody remember why we use a mailing list instead of a
    > newsgroup? Because vger has too much extra CPU power? :-)
    > No, because we like to avoid spam and dumb questions. Oh, and
    > because email is faster in theory.

    Compared to usenet groups, this list has a fantastically high signal to
    noise ratio..

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