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SubjectBug fixed.

I am running 2.1.11. I note that a ppp problem has just been fixed! The
problem WAS that when I opened a socket connection to a private port on
a remote server via ppp, I could start to receive data but, after about
20 seconds, I could no longer receive any data for many minutes. If I
logged into the server, I would find that the ARP cache had expired so
there was no longer any entry even though both parties were waiting on
an open socket connection. The server was waiting to send data (forever)
on a blocking socket, and the client was waiting (forever) to receive

If I pinged the server from the client, the data-flow would restart and
everybody would be happy. The server is a VAXen running third-party
TCP/IP software under VMS. The client(s) were all Linux boxes.

Now, with no changes except the kernels, no recompiles, etc. Everything works
as advertised! Whatever the Network wizards have done is certainly on
the right track. Thanks!

Dick Johnson
Richard B. Johnson
Project Engineer
Analogic Corporation
Voice : (508) 977-3000 ext. 3754
Fax : (508) 532-6097
Modem : (508) 977-6870
Ftp :
Email :,
Penguin : Linux version 2.1.11 on an i586 machine.
Warning : It's hard to remain at the trailing edge of technology.

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