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SubjectRe: Possible /etc/hosts parsing bug?

On Sun, 17 Nov 1996, Matthew Jacob wrote:

> Heh. Leading 0 means 'decode as octal'. Octal 016 equal decimal 14. Heh.
> Try adding a leading 0x for even more fun.
> Gee, I dunno about whether /etc/hosts numbers are implicit
> decimal or not- I suspect so, but still, I would call it
> a bug to user strtol with an implicit base.
[rest sniped]

I don't think it's a bug, as ping 0xac100201 works fine (, well
I havn't tested that address, but I have pinged 0x9e98a6f6 (me ;).

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again :( and I don't care ;) | initiated.
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