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18 Nov 1996

[New] 2.1.8-2.1.10 compile errorChris Salinardi
[New] Frustration - Part 2Mike
[New] Possible /etc/hosts parsing bug?Mike
  Re: Possible /etc/hosts parsing bug?Chris Thornhill
[New] Re: Possible /etc/hosts parsing bug?(Matthew Jacob)
  Re: Possible /etc/hosts parsing bug?Zach Brown
[New] Re: Possible /etc/hosts parsing bug?(Mark Montague)
  Re: News gateway problem(Harald Koenig)
[New] Re: Possible /etc/hosts parsing bug?(Philippe Strauss)
[New] kernel panic with smp and 2.1.7-Oliver Francke
[New] linux won't boot without a keyboardHamish Neil Moffatt
  Re: Autoprobe...(Mike Jagdis)
[New] Definitive Cyrix patch #3(Mike Jagdis)
  Re: unlink system call on directories - Bug + fixTorbjorn Lindgren
[New] Re: GPF in 2.0.25Juan Cespedes
[New] smbfs - long filenames(Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler)
  Re: kernel panic with smp and 2.1.7-Michel LESPINASSE
[New] Nexgen 586"ToM C. MorGaN"
  Re: smbfs - long filenamesPaul Wouters
[New] Modules 2.1.8 problem reportRichard Gooch
[New] Re: kernel boot parametersMarko Sepp
  Re: Nexgen 586Kutsal BerberoGlu
[New] FD LimitsZachary Maas
  Re: do_mmap()(Pascal Haible)
  Re: do_mmap()Systemkennung Linux
  Re: [patch / 2.1.10] Rip roaring vgaBernhard Rosenkraenzer
  Re: unlink system call on directories - Bug + fixSystemkennung Linux
[New] EXT2-FS errors and GPFs on 2.0.13Nathan Bryant
  Re: Possible /etc/hosts parsing bug?Bryn Paul Arnold Jones
  Re: Possible /etc/hosts parsing bug?Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
  Re: X-Inside posts Linux bug, has it been reported anywhere else?Thomas Roell
[New] AHA-1522: partition table getting clobbered(Bob Tracy - TDS)
[New] Wanted: Logitec Scanner - Any suport <[email protected] ...
[New] >No such 386 instruction w/2.0.25Hartmut Niemann
  Re: FD LimitsJared Mauch
[New] mmap() question.Jerome Etienne
  Re: Ports sticking in 2.1.[8910].."Scott J. Ellentuch"
  Re: Possible /etc/hosts parsing bug?(DE SMET Olivier)
  Re: mmap() question.David Howells
[New] Kernel PanicBill Perkins
  Re: cyclom Y(pci)(Lutz Donnerhacke)
[New] Problem compiling 2.0.25"Jaime G. Ghirelli"
[New] Message status - undeliverable [email protected] ...
[New] NFS-Root problemsShane DeRidder
[New] Message status - undeliverable [email protected] ...
[New] __start___ex_table undefined referenceLuca Bolognese
  Re: Problem compiling 2.0.25"Erik Walthinsen (Omega)"
[New] CDROM and Intel VX M/B ProblemRICHARD
[New] Message status - undeliverable [email protected] ...
[New] Message status - undeliverable [email protected] ...
[New] Can't compile 2.1.7 plusBrian Blackmore
  Re: CDROM and Intel VX M/B ProblemNathan Bryant
  Re: "Exception at ..." with 2.1.9 and 2.1.10 kernels(Alan Cox)
[New] Configuracion de DNSAntonio Villarreal
[New] Message status - undeliverable [email protected] ...
[New] wait_queue bug ??Andreas Schultz
  Re: Wanted: Logitec Scanner - Any suportJulian Sassenscheidt
[New] IP Checksumming"Richard B. Johnson"
  Re: Modules 2.1.8 problem reportKeith Owens
  Re: 2.0.0/2.0.25 oopses with buslogic 956C and two 4G seagates ...Matthias Urlichs
  Re: Glitch in sys_chroot()(Kristian Köhntopp)
  Re: Linux & ECC memory(Kristian Köhntopp)
  Re: Message status - undeliverableBernhard Rosenkraenzer
[New] Re: Printer on fire - I feel like an idiot"Marko Siladin"
[New] real POSIX.1b semaphoresUlrich Drepper
  Re: Configuracion de DNSG Sumner Hayes
[New] Anybody having IDE-CD problems with 2.1.10?(Erik B. Andersen)
  Re: Can't compile 2.1.7 plusRichard Henderson
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