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SubjectRe: cc1 - fatal signal 11 during build

On Sun, 17 Nov 1996, Victor Vaughn wrote:


> Then I tried changing the CPU clock to 50MHz X 1.5 = 75MHz. The CPU is
> marked as an AMD-K5-P100, and the settings were 66MHz X 1.5 = 100MHz. I
> had two successful kernel builds after that. Compiling takes much
> longer now. I'm setting the machine to run 100 kernel builds saving the
> outputs to different files, while I go out. I'll be trying 60MHz x 1.5
> = 90MHz for that.

My suggestion is to try setting the CPU to 50MHz x 2 = 100Mhz and give it
a try again. If everything is fine with the new settings, then it probably
a problem with the MB/PCI chipset/memory. If you get segfaults, it's time
to change the CPU...

> My system's problem could be either a bad BIOSTAR-8500TVX or a bad
> AMD-K5-P100. Have I eliminated the memory and cache yet? What about
> the PCI EIDE controller with two 504Mbyte drives connected?

No, the EIDE controller shouldn't affect it; the PCI bus over which the
controller talks to the CPU might give you problems, though. The cache is
probably fine, or at least is not the only bad component in your system
:(, since disabling it does not do any good. The memory could also cause
these problems, although it's rather unlikely, given that it works fine at


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