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SubjectRe: Glitch in sys_chroot()

> > >Just to show exactly HOW stupid this whole discussion is, here's inane
> > >argument #1: "The suid/sgid bits are the main source of security holes, so
> > >why don't we disable those altogether, and then we'll have a secure
> > >system".
> >
> > Hey, thats a good idea!
> Hey, yeah! Even better...somewhere in the ELF loader, add a patch that
> parses suid binaries and makes sure they don't have any buffer overflow
> bugs or erratic chroot/chdir behaviors or unintended file overwrites or...
> What do you think, Linus, not _too_ much bloat in that one? ;-)

Well, I am working on a program which tests programs to see if they will
ever exit. I will be sure to include this feature in the final version.
Right now, the main problem is that I don't always get a result; sometimes,
my program just keeps running, apparently forever. . .

Version: 3.12
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