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SubjectRe: News gateway problem

From: Trevor Johnson <>
> Richard Gooch wrote:
>> Albert Cahalan writes:
>>> For mail-to-news, I ask that the From:, Reply-To:, and other
>>> headers with an email address be changed to have randomly
>>> generated addresses such as
> This will make it impossible for anyone reading the newsgroup
> to make personal replies, unless they can deduce someone's
> address from a signature or some other reference.

Exactly. When I post to usenet from another account, my newsreader
mangles the headers a bit. I never ever get spam at that address,
even though I post to usenet often.

I should get the same protection here. Instead, the gateway
broadcasts my email address to all the spammers. This account
gets several spams/day.

People that want replies can put their email address in their
signature. I want the option to keep my email address off usenet,
and the gateway won't let me have that.

> Moreover, the vger lists (linux-kernel anyway) are archived,
> so they're available that way without subscribing.

The same treatment should apply to the archive.

>> over a month). Friends, if you can spare a minute, please
>> send a "please don't spam" message together with a uuencoded
>> copy of /usr/bin/emacs to the follow addresses:
> I sent a polite message to, including
> the spam with all headers, which is often effective, but they're
> refusing connections.

There is a good chance does not exist.
Professional spam ISPs only need to send mail, not receive it.
They use something like the lightning bolt program, not sendmail.

I do NOT want my email address in any header. I am getting
way too much spam, all of it because of this list. What is
the mailing list for? It is to hide from the usenet spam.
If spam was OK, we would just use a newsgroup and spare vger.

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