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SubjectRe: "Exception at ..." with 2.1.9 and 2.1.10 kernels

> I'm not so sure about harmless. These messages come from do_page_fault in
> arch/i386/mm/fault.c. If this fault occurred in a 2.0.25 kernel, the kernel
> would kill the user process with a signal 11. It never happens. Only the
> 2.1.9 and 2.1.10 can generate this message.
> I'm using make 3.74, gcc, binutils and libc 5.4.12.
> Originally, I had libc 5.4.10, but upgraded just in case. Still get these
> messages.
> I think there's something goofy going on.

No. These messages are absolutely ok. They mean that some user program
passed bad parameters to a kernel but the kernel dealt with that. This
means that you usually get an error EFAULT from the current syscall.

The interesting with that message is that it shows how much buggy user code
is out there. Eg my tcsh binaries generate one line of output per command ...


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