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SubjectRe: Getting Frustrated fast...

Buddha M Buck wrote:
> >
> >
> > Please dont take this email the wrong way... I appreciate
> > every effort those who work on the kernel are putting into their
> > projects, and I must say beforehand that this email has been highly
> > motivated by pure frustration, but why is so much time being put
> > into 2.1.x when 2.0.x is not even stable? From what I hear,
> > quite a few people are having my same GPF problem when away from
> > the keyboard, ps dies on every system I know that runs 2.0.x,
> > and then my kernel decides to re-create a random device from a
> > directory and wont let me fix it?
> Upgrading to 2.0.x from 1.2.x involves changing a large number of
> support programs, including the procutils.
> My experience is just the opposite: I haven't had any problem with
> 2.0.x, and ps doesn't die on my. From my perspective, 2.0.x is very
> stable. (I do leave my keyboard often. I usually remain logged on
> for weeks, with no ill effects from ps or any other utility.
> Could you give us some more data about the ps problem. What version
> of ps? What version of libc? What version of the kernel? If you
> compiled your own kernel, what version of gcc?
> >
> > Please pardon my anger,
> > Mike (
> >
I have also not had a problem with ps. Am running 2.0.23 (SMP) with
procps 1.01, long uptimes (2 seeks).

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