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SubjectRe: News gateway problem

From: Lars Wirzenius <>
> Richard Gooch:
>> over a month). Friends, if you can spare a minute, please
>> send a "please don't spam" message together with a uuencoded
>> copy of /usr/bin/emacs to the follow addresses:
> No! Do _NOT_ mailbomb. Ever. It doesn't help, and it will disturb
> other people.

You are a kind person, but this is the Internet. It is unfortunate
that mailbombing is often the only solution, and it _does_ work.
It is of course best to try more peaceful means first.

Without mailbombing, many irresponsible sys admins ignore the problem.
I am sorry that it is needed, but mailbombing works because it disturbs
other people. An irresponsible sys admin will only terminate an account
when that account affects the ISP so much that the other customers leave.

Mailbombing changes the sys admin from "We do not restrict freedom
of speech or filter content." to "The account is GONE!!! Leave me
alone!!! There will be no more spam from here!!!"

In the case of a professional spam ISP, the mailbombing has to be
severe enough to clog the network feed. It is the only thing that
always works. (it really does affect them too)

Mailbombing hint: Send many small messages with different "From:"
lines. Professional spam sites drop attachments in the bitbucket
automatically and only keep one mail with a given "From:" line.
Mangle the headers just like they do and keep the message small.

ObLinuxKernel: can we hack mailbomb code right into the TCP/IP
stack? It would get better performance than a normal program. :-)
Maybe the code should open millions of connections from a whole
8 bits worth of IP addresses, then just leave the connections
open. It could send a few characters slowly to stop any timeout.

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