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SubjectRe: Getting Frustrated fast...

> Please dont take this email the wrong way... I appreciate
> every effort those who work on the kernel are putting into their
> projects, and I must say beforehand that this email has been highly
> motivated by pure frustration, but why is so much time being put
> into 2.1.x when 2.0.x is not even stable? From what I hear,
> quite a few people are having my same GPF problem when away from
> the keyboard, ps dies on every system I know that runs 2.0.x,
> and then my kernel decides to re-create a random device from a
> directory and wont let me fix it?

Upgrading to 2.0.x from 1.2.x involves changing a large number of
support programs, including the procutils.

My experience is just the opposite: I haven't had any problem with
2.0.x, and ps doesn't die on my. From my perspective, 2.0.x is very
stable. (I do leave my keyboard often. I usually remain logged on
for weeks, with no ill effects from ps or any other utility.

Could you give us some more data about the ps problem. What version
of ps? What version of libc? What version of the kernel? If you
compiled your own kernel, what version of gcc?

> Please pardon my anger,
> Mike (

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