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SubjectRe: Glitch in something :)

> These same two clients transfering the same size file under earlier
> versions of linux used at most 20-30% CPU. (They are using non-blocking io
> on send). Nothing other than kernel versions has changed. ie ppp etc. I
> did report a problem with the irq values with setserial auto functions and
> suggested the fix of removing the auto-irq from the command line to
> setserial and replacing with "irq value". For me kernels upto and
> including 2.1.10 are a bust.

Silly rabbit, irc takes cpu! :P Especially Bitchx. The later versions
have a non blocking patch so it constantly is looping saying "Hey!? Got
anything to send?!". This has *NOTHING* do do with the kernel :)


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