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    SubjectRe: gpm/serial bug?

    > Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 00:40:35 -0500 (EST)
    > From: Tyson D Sawyer <>
    > I just spent too many hours figuring out that gpm was running and
    > shouldn't have been. I had a serial device attached to /dev/cua0
    > on a headless, sort of embedded, Linux PC. A short time after
    > starting the program that controls the device on the serial port
    > the the kernel would start thinking that bogus data was being typed
    > on the console.
    > This isn't a kernel problem; this isn't even a gpm bug. GPM is a
    > program which listens to mouse events (coming from /dev/cua0, in your
    > case, because that's how it was started in your /etc/rc scripts) and
    > provides cut and paste functionality to the console. Apparently your
    > devices was emitting characters which were getting interpreted as mouse
    > motions and mouse clicks, which was causing gpm to perform "cut and
    > paste" functions.
    > That's how come you were getting bogus data that was appearing to be
    > typed on the console --- that's what cut and paste is all about.
    > This was a strictly a user configuration error, no more and no less.
    > You shouldn't be running gpm on a serial port unless you have a serial
    > mouse hooked up to that serial port.
    > - Ted

    OK. I mostly agree with you. I did realize that clearing up the
    configuration error eliminates the problem. What I question is
    the if reasonable sanity checking on the part of gpm should result
    in this:

    Nov 15 12:52:54 guest1 /sbin/mingetty[215]: tty1: invalid character for login name
    Nov 15 12:53:45 guest1 init: Id "1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes

    ...and more importantly why it should result in a machine that you
    can't remotely login to anymore. Also, X clients being remotly
    run on the machine would stop, or at least their communications would
    stop. This is why I was asking if there might be a kernel problem
    that is not normally encountered on a correctly configured machine.

    I can't claim that the computer was completely crashing but I was not
    able to do anything with the machine other than switch consoles and
    toggle keyboard LEDs. <Ctl><Alt><del> didn't work under these
    conditions and that doesn't seem right. Does <Ctl><Alt><del> work
    on a console with a getty that is disabled by init? Do the other
    kernel trapped keys work under these conditions? I was not able
    to remember those key combinations at the time so I don't know but
    expect they would have worked.

    Thanks for pointing out that gpm was pasting. That had not occured
    to me.


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