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SubjectRe: init's high CPU usage (2.0.23)

In article <>,
Riccardo Facchetti <> wrote:
>On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, James R. Leu wrote:
>> I never knew a discussion of such a "trivial" (saracasm) process such as init
>> was not for the kernel list.
>Just my bit.
>Get sysvinit package and compile it with the -g compiler switch. Then
>restart and debug the running init with 'gdb init <init-pid>' and you
>will find.
>Any thing you can do is to 'strace -p <init-pid> /sbin/init' your stock
>/sbin/init and wou will see what the running init is doing, unless is an
>internal loop of course.

The linux kernel forbids attaching to process #1..

But you can use the kernel boot option "init=/sbin/init" which will
run a mini-init spawned by the kernel with the real init as its
child, and you can attach to that one (will be pid #5 or so)

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