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SubjectRe: your mail

On Sat, 16 Nov 1996, Peter T. Breuer wrote:

> Salient details. The machine has two 3c509 etehrnet cards and an EIDE cdrom.
> The buslogic controller is on io=0x330 and IRQ 11, it has scsi ID 7. The bios
> (buslogic?) has it set to level triggering. I have 64M of memory. It makes no
> difference if I use mem=32M or something like that. Oh yes. There is also a
> soundblaster card, but I am not using it for the moment. Hmm ... (I have not
> used a kernel with any sound support, but a SB should like to run on 11. Nah.
> couldn't be.)
> Is there anything about this setup that is known to be bad? I am particularly

Just a thing. The SB should have an MPU-401 interface. The MPU-401 should
default to I/O address 0x330. The buslogic is at 0x330.
When the kernel is doing I/O on 0x330 with which device is it talking ?
The MPU-401 may not be initialized and activated by kernel, but the
hardware is still there, so the 0x330 I/O port is owned by two devices. I
suggest you to change MPU or buslogic I/O address.
Of course, as usual (and usually for that matter :) I (can be) wrong, but
try this thing before doing anything else.


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