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SubjectRe: M68K Linux Ports

>>>>> "Gary" == Gary Isliefson <> writes:

Gary> I was wondering what the status of the M68K port of linux is. I
Gary> know that someone at some time was porting to the amiga or atari
Gary> since there is files in the kernel distribution for these but
Gary> has there been successes here like there has been for the PC?

The m68k port is still going strong - actually it has been so for
years. We have a very stable kernel and I'm currently working with
Linus on getting our patches integrated into the native kernel.

Gary> My interest is to see if linux can be ported to a M68K
Gary> architecture - specifically the Motorola MVME177 (or MVME176)
Gary> VME-based single board computer.

Richard Hirst has ported Linux/m68k to the MVME 162, 166 and 167 (a
port to the 142 is in the works), see
for details. I dont know anything about the MVME176/177 boards but I
think it should be rather easy to support these new boards based on
Richard's existing work.

You can also subscribe to the Linux/m68k mailinglist by mailing with the line "subscribe linux-m68k" and post

Besides, work is in progress for the Sun3, Apollo Domain and Apple
Macintosh. For general Linux/m68k info check out,

Regards, Jes

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