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SubjectRe: Linux & ECC memory

Kenneth Albanowski wrote:
> I just recently saw an advertisement for a Dell computer with a P6
> motherboard & CPU that includes "64MB EDO RAM with ECC".
> Are there in fact x86 motherboards that support ECC RAM? Can such a
> motherboard provide better error recognition & recovery then a simple
> "parity error"?
Triton HX chipsets can use x36 simms, and in a 64-bit word there are
enough "parity" bits that it can do single error correction and
(presumably) double error detection.

> Most importantly, can (does) Linux take advantage of this?
I'd imagine all you'd have to do is make sure it was enabled in your
BIOS and let your chipset do the rest...Linux would see ECC failures as
parity errors, probably.


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