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SubjectRe: kernel & cd-rom support

Todd M. Felmly wrote:
> I just installed Slackware 96. I compiled the kernel so I would have
> cd-rom support but have had no luck.
> I have a Sony CD-Rom model cdu33a which I did tell the kernel to support.
> When I try to link this after I compiled the kernel (ln -s /dev/cdu33a
> /dev/cdrom) I find that I have no cdu33a file in my /dev directory. The
> only Sony device there is the cdu535. I have the 1700 page Linux The
> Complete Reference from Cheapbytes have have followed the cd-rom HOWTO bit
> by bit with no luck.
> If someone could please give me a clue as to how t support this cdrom
> drive, please help!
> Thanks!
> Todd I am having problems getting my BusLogic SCSI driver to work. I have tracked it
down to a missing "scsi.o:"->"scsi.o" in the /usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi/Makefile.

I got 2.0.25 directly from "sunsite". Has anyone else had this problem?

Bob Stanfield

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