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SubjectRe: RFC: A generic pointer protocol

> Hello Linuxers,
> this is a proposal for a new pointer protocol, which should
> solve most problems with pointing devices. Please pardon me for the
> bandwidth. This message explains the theory; who wants to try an
> implementation and more extensive docs can look at kmouse-0.45 (see at
> the end).

I can't say that I actually know anything about this but it sounds
like a good idea...


> Successive motion events should be clustered whenever possible: an
> application reading the pointing device wants the `current'
> information, not the past history of movements. Obviously, button

This is not always true, if one uses a drawing app (ala Photoshop)
then the device movement history is VERY important, if one draws
something and the computer starts to swap (or what ever) for some
reason the device movement during the time the computer is busy
swapping (or what ever) should not be lost...

This could of course be made a boot/compile time option but it should
IMO be possible to get the movement history...

> press/release events won't be eaten by clustering. This can greatly
> help performance in a loaded environment and is the second main
> reason to use a kernel driver.
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