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Subject2.1.x and Diamond Stealth breaks

Hi ...

I have been tearing my hair out at the roots over this one :-

Since the 2.1.x tree came along, I have been unable to do ANY graphics
work on the Diamond card, text of course is fine.

Running X merely loses the video output altogether and the monitor blanks
totally, the same happens of any of the graphics tools like seejpeg and so

This unfortunate trait is definately something in the 2.1.x tree as it
happens in every one from 2.1.0 up to 2.1.9 which I have just tried.

Everything else about my installation is pretty standard (now based on the
Slackware 3.1 though previously on 3.0 and the same results were

The 2.0.x tree is perfect, everything works as it should do. I appreciate
that the 2.1.x is a development tree but the question is :-

Is this a bug/feature/something that needs to be reported/fiddled with ?

Clearly from other mails I have received, I am not the only one with this
problem, so what is going on, can someone enlighten us please ????

Cheers, Martin.
Martin Vernon, Sysop GB7OS/GB7OSP, Chairman GCPG, IP Co-ordinator N. Wales
GW6HVA@GB7OSP,, e-mail:
Voice: +44 589 900564 / +44 976 742149 Data: GB7OSP 8N1 +44 1492 872 467 or

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