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SubjectRe: Any Information about Win95 DCC Protocoll and Cable

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Nathan Bryant wrote:

> I don't know about the protocol, but the cable is a standard "LapLink"
> cable. Check the PLIP documentation for info on how to build one.

I've seen several replies to the original message, and they are all rather
clueless. I wonder why... :) A cable for an 8 bit parallel connection
(bidirectional/ECP/EPP/etc) is NOT a regular laplink cable, although the
latter does indeed work with 8 bit bidirectional ports.

Anyway, although I don't have one handy, the idea is to connect everything
one-to-one, that is data pins (2-9 if I remember correctly) to data pins
and control pins (10-13 and 15 - wild guess) to control pins. Plus ground,
of course. :) I think the IBM-PC hardware FAQ has a more detailed
description of a bidirectional parallel cable - you can find an older
version somewhere on and it will point you to the site of the
newer ones.

> On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Uwe Bonnes wrote:
> > Anyway, I am looking for information on the cable needed to connect and the
> > protocol spoken on that cable with Microsofts Direct Cable Connection.

See above. As for the protocol... dunno, although it can't be something
very complex (as it has to be fast). You can try to use dosemu to see at
least what the Win95 sends when it tries to establish a connection (it
doesn't sound very encouraging, does it?...).

> > The information to build a ECP DCC Cable could be achieved too if
> > someone with such a cable would measure with a Ohm-meter which Pins are
> > connected.

Right, but it only solves half of the problem; I believe you have to
initialize the port in a special way to make it talk ECP/EPP. I had the
patch for an "enhanced" (read: ECP/EPP aware) lp module somewhere, if you
want it just tell me and I'll look for it.


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