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SubjectRe: AM53C974 error

> writes:
> >
> > Hi,
> > I got a CD-R connect to my AM53C974, when i try to mount the CD i get the
> > following error message: (I'm running 2.0.25)
> I have the same kind of error with an archive viper DAT. It's ok to read
> DAT, but if I try to write, I get those errors.
> After 2/3 of those errors, the machine freeze. I once saw a message
> like this :
> "scsi_free:Trying to free unused memory"


Recently I got similar problems with the AM53C974 driver included in
2.0.x. I was using a Tekram DC390 card together with an optical drive.
Reading from the drive was generally ok, but writing would cause these
"scsi_free:Trying to free unused memory" errors almost immediately,
followed by a complete freeze. Since the drive worked fine under
Win95, a driver problem was suspected. At their site ( I
found a recent driver (Oct. 96) that seems to work fine under 2.0.23.
If you're using this type of adapter, give it a try.


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