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SubjectRe:re:re: Panic on 1.2-Found


Everyone can relax and stop yelling at me that 2.X features can't help
1.2 and that I'm wearing yesterdays underwear.

Danny ter Haar provided the patch that confirmed what I learned from
the 2.X code and that 2 lines were what I needed at a minimum. (25 if I want
the fancy "panic=").

I'm amazed at the attitude of "Get off 1.2". If you notice, there was
no need for such an option in 1.2, since it was quite stable. I guess
2.X isn't as stable and needs such an option. I need it since I have a disk
glitch that I can't get to to fix and would rather just have the machine
reboot. My brand new Pentium Pro 200/64M system will be running 2.0.22, and
DAMN sure lilo will have append="panic=30" incase it wants to get cranky
on me.

Thanks.....(to Danny)
"Over the UUCP link, out the ethernet, through the media converter, down
the fiber, off a router, down the 56K, past my ISP...nothing but Net" -
with poetic license from Dave Owen of IBM

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