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SubjectRe: driver development tool

> > From: Randy Scott <>
> > Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 00:05:24 -0600
> > Subject: Re: driver development tool
> >
> > In article <5661k1$> you wrote:
> > : > 2) access to PCB manufacturing
> > : > 10 pieces of a 4-layer PCB cost ~$1200 and need 4 weeks for
> > : > processing.
> >
> > I have access to simple two-sided PCB manufacturing facilities. PCB
> > layout on the other hand is hard to come by...
> I _think_ I still have some old MS-DOS shareware layout software
> (it should be on a Simtel mirror too) called PC-Route. It is simple,
> but can handle auto-routing double-sided boards including using
> plated-through holes. Actually, I'm positive that there is more than
> one such freely available package around.
> Which reminds me, I've always meant to write a X layout package someday.
> I spent about 6 months studying the subject (university libraries can
> have hidden treasure), but never got around to hacking code :-(
> P.S. I received a notice from PADS about their new website.
> They make production layout software for the PC.
> It can be yours for a mere $10,000 (last time I asked for a price
> at least) for the bare-bones package. The auto-router is extra
> ($5,000 I think). This is of course for a SINGLE station license.

There is a share-ware version of PADS too, I have one version of it but
it's a couple of years old (there is probably newer ones available
now) and it has some limitations (of course), if I remember right the
max nr of holes/"soldering points" (or whatever they are called) was a
couple of hundred (sorry, it's a couple of years since I've touched it
so I don't remember exactly) but that is hardly enough if the card
should hold a cpu and simm-sockets...

The production version of PADS is (was at least) available at the
vocational school near by where I studied a couple of years ago, I
_might_ get someone over there to draw it if someone is interested...


Yes, PADS is expensive as *ell, it was about 7000$ when they bought it
and that was only about 1/3 of what it would have costed for a
production environment.

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> Andrew E. Mileski
> Linux Plug-and-Play Kernel Project
> XFree86 Matrox Team

Johnny Stenback, programmer / University of Vaasa, Computer Centre
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