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SubjectRe: Hangs with 2.0.2[45]
> I have been running 2.0.22 happily for some time on my dual P5-166
> machine. Upon patching up to 24 or 25, I get complete system hangs
> within an hour or two. No disk activity, nothing in the logs, frozen

The only change in that is enabling intelligent TLB flushes. That
shouldnt [ha as usual] cause any problems. I've not put the IRQ forwarder
in the main code yet (and its now going to need a bit of work to make
a clean patch of as linus fiddled with syscall entry recently). Its on
the todo list.

I've verified that the 4Mb paging stuff works right now (its been working
for ages but I didnt have the vm torture tester around). So I'll submit
that change for .26

> This is a mixed IDE/SCSI machine with NE2000, soundblaster, IDE CD,
>etc. Would be happy to provide any extra information.

Can you firstly find exactly which release causes the problem. Also tell
me what gcc and binutils you have.

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