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SubjectRe: objdump options (-k,-q,-o) bin binutilv2.7 missing
> Hello hjl, linux kernel developers,
> HARDWARE: Intel 486/33 with 16 megs and SCSI Hard drive(buslogic/maxtor).
> I'm trying to compile linux v2.0.24/25 and ran into the following
> problem. The binutils and v2.7 "objdump" utility is missing the
> options -k, -q, -o which were on binutils v2.6. Without these options I
> can't finish building the linux kernel.

Binutils is at

> hjl - could you restore these options on an upgraded version?
> linux_dev - is there a work around?
> I'm trying to rebuild the libc5.2.18. Presently I can only build it
> using the linux 1.2.13 source tree. When I try to build the libc5.2.18
> with the linux kernel v2.0.0 or greater I get timespec redefinition
> errors.
> hjl - Will there be any newer versions to fix the timespec
> problem? Will there be any cleanup of the warnings
> for function prototypes, unused variables, parenthesis
> missing etc., to get a clean compile using gcc2.7.2?

A beta libc 5.4.11 is at

Please get the patch if you use linux 2.1.x.

> Will the updated libc include the new pthread beta6
> includes similar to the beta2 stuff included in the
> present libc? I realize that the libc removed pthreads
> but there are still some pthread stuff here that is used,
> although this pthread binary isn't included in the precompiled
> libc binary? Note: the new pthread beta6 does compile for
> linux v2.0+, at least to v2.0.24 so far.

A new real linux thread will be used with the next libc 6 which will
be based on glibc. You can help out to test it if you have time.

H.J. Lu
Innovix Technologies, Inc.

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