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SubjectRe: Dosemu...
On Sat, 9 Nov 1996, Charlie Ross wrote:

First of all, this belongs more to the linux-msdos mailing list. Please
continue the discussion there.

> Where is the LATEST dosemu?, at least.

> and how well can it:
> run cheezo dos apps.. like edit?


> run tough dos apps like quake?

Don't know about this particular one. I've tried Doom, Heretic and
Descent just to see if they work, and they do. Of course, there's no
sound support yet... (Though by kludging around with port permissions you
can get adlib/SB FM music)

> run cheezo win 3.1 apps like notepad?

Win 3.1 somewhat runs. I tried it about a year ago and could fire up eg.
word and excel (though they didn't run for very long). This is, btw, NOT
recommended by the dosemu team ;)

> run killer win apps like 3d studio?

I wouldn't bet on it. See above.

> run win95 apps at all?

Nope. For this, see wine. At least the 32-bit freecell should work ;)

> Are tere any kernel aditions I need?

At least for experimental use of win 3.1, yes. The modules come with the
dosemu source.

> oh and how do you quit it.. i tried it a while ago and was always forced to
> go to a different machine... telnet in and kill it. :)

exitemu (you have installed the DOS utilities that come with it to the
DOS drive, haven't you? ;)

Also, you can change virtual consoles and then kill it...

- Mjr, sivari

Mikko Rauhala,,
PGP Public key available via WWW -^ or by fingering
I speak for me, myself and I only

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