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10 Nov 1996

[New] Re: Module loading (2.0.24) fails with "Unable to allocate DMA me ..."Nicholas J. Leon"
  ipv6 structure alignment?Pedro Roque
  Re: Problems with netscape in 2.0.24Robert Wuest
  Re: proc_generic - cool new stuff(root)
  Re: Tape Problems Redux"Leonard N. Zubkoff"
  Re: SMP and ThreadsNathan Bryant
[New] Re: 2.0.25 compilation problemTodd Graham Lewis
  Re: 2.1.8: Kernel Panic upon IDE Drive MountGadi Oxman
  Re: RANT: serial console"Erik Walthinsen (Omega)"
[New] ipv6 structure alignment?Richard Henderson
  Re: Kernel Makefiles"D. Chiodo"
  Re: Linux-2.0.25 and 2.1.8Chris Lo
  Re: Linux-2.0.25 and 2.1.8(Joerg Pommnitz)
  Re: modules and 2.1.8Jacques Gelinas
  Re: 2.0.25 compilation problemSudish Joseph
[New] Re: Using TRANS.TBLHocus Pocus
[New] Re: Can't compile 2.0.25 (fwd)Lindsay Haisley
  Re: modules and 2.1.8Linus Torvalds
[New] 2.1.8: Oops in binfmt_elf.c (NOT gpm)(Philippe Strauss)
  Re: SMP and Threads(Alan Cox)
[New] Re: Can't find libc-5.4.10Neil Moore
[New] 2.1.8 panic on bootNeil Moore
[New] Bug fix for modules-2.1.8"Yuri A. Pudgorodsky"
  Re: Dosemu...Mikko J Rauhala
  Re: SMP and ThreadsByron Faber
  Re: 2.1.8 panic on bootColten Edwards
[New] Re: ipv6 structure alignment?"David S. Miller"
  Re: 2.1.8 panic on bootNeil Moore
[New] A suspicious boot message in 2.1.8Snow Cat
  Re: RANT: serial console(Thomas Koenig)
[New] linux2.0.25 assembly error w/ binutilv2.7, no such instr.M Sweger
[New] Where is linux-kernel-digest?"Adrian P. Crossan"
[New] Re: modules-2.1.8Peter Denison
[New] Serial console patch for 2.0.23"Nicholas J. Leon"
  Re: modules-2.1.8"David S. Miller"
[New] 2.1.8 problemsBernhard Rosenkraenzer
[New] Hangs with 2.0.2[45]Chris Radek
[New] 2.0.25 - as errors STILL stop compileLindsay Haisley
  Re: RSH problem is backNIIBE Yutaka
  Re: 2.1.8 problemsMichael Nelson
[New] driver development toolAlbert Cahalan
[New] 2.0.25 is easy to compile :-)Albert Cahalan
  Re: NFS client permission bugMatthias Urlichs
  Re: proc_generic - cool new stuffRob Riggs
  Re: NFS client permission bugElliot Lee
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