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SubjectRe: unusual startup messages
Anno Domini  1 Nov 96 at 6:30, Bradley Ward Allen wrote:

------- snip ----
> Lots of packages need cryptography. Perhaps a library? But how would
> the kernel efficiently interface with a library? Is that insane? Is
> POSIX working on a library interface? (Like for every IP packet.
> This has to be *efficient*.) Also, lots of applications use it (email
> (PGP, Netscape Mail (1Q 1997), SSH, telnet-SSL, httpd w/SSL). See?
> It's at every level.

Good and Great... BUT many, many countries don't allow _any_ crypto,
France for example. How will they remain a part of global
information willage with this kind of stoneage attitude.

It would seem that with automatic, inevitable progress in computer
science, the users of such advanced computer science will
automatically, inevitabely, become outlaws in their own countries,
including the founding (US) fathers of new IPxx :)

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