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SubjectRe: 2.0.24 is VERY unstable
On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, Ville Hallivuori wrote:

> Just for case I tested memory of my computer. It seems to be
> in a perfect condition. I suspect, that Linux is not fully compatible
> with my Cyrix 6x86 P150+. Problem is propably in some timings with my
> Cyrix proccessor, because if I use predefined memory timigs for 60 ns
> memory (my memory is 60 ns), I will experience a fev grashes with
> previous
> kernels too (those with version >=2.0.11) --- so I had to disable
> "DRAM Speculative Leadoff" from my BIOS.

Hi. I don't know about 2.0.24 being unstable (I'm using it with some
hashed in patches for 6x86 stuff), it works perfectly for me. I don't
think it's your chip, either. I'm using a 6x86 P150+ with a Tyan Titan
III and it rocks. Very stable, very powerful. It could be BIOS settings
or something else. This is just my $0.02.

Hope you get it figured out,

# B. James Phillippe # System Administrator []
# <> ~

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