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SubjectRe: unusual startup messages
On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, . Tethys SYSTEM ADMIN X wrote:

> Yes, the patch could be written in Finland (for example), then legally
> imported into the US, and applied by Linus to the rest of the kernel.
> That would then prevent the kernel itself from being exported from the
> US. If the kernel is to be maintained in the states, it will have to be
> distributed without crypto. Users outside the US would then have to
> obtain the crypto patches and apply then to the kernel source themselves.

I meant it like this:
1) Patch gets written somewhere outside US. Patch is mailed to Linus'
account in Finland.
2) Linus logs on, examines the patch, and thinks it's good stuff.
3) Linus takes the kernel, which resides on a computer in Finland, and
applies the patch to that kernel (since the patch is in Finland, too, no
export of crypto code shall take place).
4) Now Linus can examine the patched code to make sure the patch was
applied cleanly. He can also download the new patched kernel to the US
account for proper testing.

I'm not saying this is necessarily the best way to go about it, but it
would be feasible.

- Mjr, sivari

Mikko Rauhala,,
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