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    SubjectPPP and 2.0.24?? problems?
    I'm looking for a heads up on a problem i'm having with PPP and
    2.0.24. I recently patched up from 2.0.21 and recompiled and
    I'm having problems using ppp on the 2.0.24 kernel.

    Here's a short description of the problem. After booting 2.0.24
    (with ppp compiled in, OR built as a module) I try to run setup a
    modem ppp link. I get the "Sorry - this system lacks kernel PPP support"
    message. HOWEVER if i run the pppd straight on one of the vt's i can
    watch it try to setup a ppp link. I kill the pppd process off and
    go back to try and my scripts to setup the modem PPP link and it
    QUIETLY FAILS without the earlier message.

    Anyone else having this sort of problem? Did kernel changes break pppd?
    Or am I hallucinating?


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