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SubjectRe: scrollback
> The recent traffic said that the screen gets scrolled by adjusting the
> VGA's 'start of display memory' register, and that the kernel has no
> clue as to what's scrollback and what's garbage.

there are a few graphics cards/chips (at least DEC TGA, and I think monochrome
cards like Hercules too) where the kernel (card?) doesn't support
text scrolling yet. at least for them having a generic software method
to scroll text VCs would be a *big* benefit. having this software method,
one could define the scroll buffers as large as needed (and vice versa;).

but keep in mind that this all goes into non-paged kernel memory and
having 8 VCs with 1000 * 132 character lines is another MEGAbyte you're loosing...

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