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SubjectRe: 2.1.5: I give up.
Alexander Sanda wrote:
> In article <>
> Greg Patterson <> wrote:
> >Well, after about the 6th freeze up in 4-5 days, I give up on 2.1.5. > Hm, I had similar problems with 2.1.5. I experienced 2 total hangups
> within a short time. Everytime, X was running, I was connected via ppp
> to my ISP, an IRC client (eIRC) was active.
> >And of course no !&@*# log messages.
> Same, here. Nothing, just solid locked.
Are you using GPM? I heard people were having lockup problems with it.
If you're using it, try disabling it or try logging into your machine
remotly when it locks up... Also jsrd might help, but that assumes
you've got the elusive 2.1 modules patch...

Speaking of the elusive 2.1 modules patch, would SOMEONE please stick a
fixed modules on the FTP sites?


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