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    SubjectRe: kernel bug -> security problem
    In article <>,
    Gary Schrock <> wrote:
    >At 09:12 AM 10/25/96 +0800, you wrote:
    >>only the newer kernels (2.0.x) are affected by the bug.
    >And, apparently, not everyone is affected. I just went from 2.0.22 to
    >2.0.23 and still do not seem to have that bug:
    >K:\EXPTS\cider3>ping -l 65510
    >Pinging with 65510 bytes of data:
    >Request timed out.
    >Request timed out.

    Actually you should not be able to construct such a packet with the ping
    program at all. The reason that you can do this under Windows '95 is that
    it was (hold tight) a bug in the W95 ping utility. "Was" yes because even
    more unbelievable they've fixed it in later versions of '95..

    You'll have to downgrade your windows '95 (if such a thing is possible) ;)

    | Miquel van Smoorenburg \ The answer to Life, the Universe and Everything \
    | \ Just reinstall windows and try again, sir. \

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