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SubjectRe: kernel bug -> security problem
On Thu, 24 Oct 1996, Gary Schrock wrote:

> >> Sorry for a late reply, but I just tested this on our LAN, from Win95 to
> >> linux 1.2.13 and it doesn't crash.
> >Maybe it happens on newer kernels ?
> Well, trying it here with 2.0.22 on the machine didn't cause any trouble.
> The ping requests timed out, but other than that nothing bad happened.

Is it possible that kernel configuration plays a major role in whether or
not odd icmp packets can crash the system? I have crashed a SMP linux
2.0.22 system, but a coworker's 2.0.22 486 seemed totally immune. One big
difference (other than CPU and SMP) is that his is at home and setup to
use IP MASQ so his win95 boxes can get to the net through it. We tried
ping -l 65510 both from our office (across 1 linux router and 1 linux term
server) and he tried it from win95 boxes on his home ethernet, and neither
of us was able to visibly affect it.

On another note, I just talked to someone using kernel 2.0.23 with the
larger ping patch...the one that touches lots of files and changes some
variables to __u32. He's still being crashed occasionaly by what he
believes to be "unusual" icmp packets.

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