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SubjectRe: Win95 partition
Marko Sepp wrote:
> At 10:26 24.10.1996 +0300, you wrote:
> >I want to see Win95 partition on my HDD while working under Linux.
> >It's not a plain Ms-dos partition, and I cannot, just mention it in
> >/etc/fstab.
> >
> >I have Slackware 2.3, can I do that?
> Couldn't you just replace "msdos" in /etc/fstab with "vfat" ?
> Doesn't it work ?
That may not work for him. If he's actually using
Slackware 2.3, the kernel version was probably 1.2.8. Unless
he's recompiled a newer version of the kernel, or patched the
1.2.8 kernel somehow and recompiled, replacing "msdos" in
fstab with "vfat" will fail. VFAT support wasn't integrated
into the kernel source until late in the 1.3.x series.

Barnett Hsu
Computer Science Department
University of California, Riverside

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