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SubjectRe: General thoughts for 2.1+
On Wed, 23 Oct 1996, Aaron Tiensivu wrote:

> I'm a little worried this might start something ugly.. but bear with me. :)

[ kernel documentation stuff snipped]

> Other areas of concern:
> 1. The GGI people need help with getting that project going full-tilt. I'll be
> helping out somehow when time permits. Video card programming is not my forte,
> but I think it is for a very good and valid cause. Their main WWW site is at:

Thanks a lot.

> Hopefully, maybe I can help out with the ATI Mach32 support and VGAWonder XL
> support. [The two video cards I have]

I have the same two cards, plus I have already done a lot of
GGI-coding on a Mach32 driver. It isn't much to look at yet (it's been
shelved for some time now), but it might be a good starting point.

> A small sub-set of GGI might be nice for kernel. Not necessarily a gung-ho
> graphics library, but 'simple' things like being aware of certain extended
> registers of various chipsets. That work fix a majority of the video
> corruption problems we see today.

There will be a pupblic preview (v0.0.8) of the GGI out RSN for
people to look at and give us feedback. The final version will be out
sometime after that. Watch this space for details.


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