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SubjectRe: port to i960

Michael Griffith writes:
>What desktop-class machines use the i960? I'm only familar with its use
>in embedded and MPP applications.

The only one I know of is the oki. It would be a snap to port to, if
it were fast enough or common enough to care about. pc-class floppy
(or maybe scsi, I don't remember), some standard pc ethernet we already
support, WD video controller, NCR53c80 (I think; I know it's supported
whatever it is) SCSI controller. Since the i960 has similar MM to the
i86 line, IIRC, and the machine has a proper boot monitor that sets
the hardware up correctly, it would be a pretty easy port, I'd guess.

But no one has the machines, and they aren't particularly fast, so I
don't see any good reason to care...

Doesn't microway have an embedded 960 board that can run a real
operating system? That would probably be more useful to support.


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