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SubjectI am sorry!
Please accept my sincere apologies to the List.  I did not mean to advertise and too my autosignature out.  

My question regarding routing, I felt, was directly related to the kernel develop as it relates to potentially new kernel src. code ideas. Provided that the kernel does not support IPX-to-TCPIP routing already.

I did not mean to offend anyone or waste anyone's time. Please forgive me.



From: Matthew X Economou[]
Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 1996 9:47 AM
To: Alex Pikus
Subject: Re: Is there a way to route IPX based LAN to the TCP/IP based LAN and back?


Mr. Pikus,

You and your company have been killfiled. Any post of yours that I
detect in any newsgroup or mailing lists I maintain will be disposed
of. Spamming newsgroups and mailing lists is rude and expensive...not
for you, but for those of us who pay for the network connections that
distribute your advertising across the Net.

>>>>> "AP" == Alex Pikus <> writes:

AP> Is there a way to connect Novell IPX LAN to the Internet
AP> TCP/IP without running individual Winsocks on each WfW3.11
AP> client? Thanks!

This post has nothing to do with Linux kernel development. Please
take your question (and advertising) to another, more relevant,

If you desire to advertise, there are newsgroups in the misc.*
hierarchy dedicated to advertising products and services. There
should be a newsgroup under comp.os(?).windows (or novell) that you
can post your question to.

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however, is to change it." -- Karl Marx

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