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SubjectRe: Linux needs control.exe

>>>>> "JW" == Juergen Weber <> writes:

JW> Back to Linux. I do think Linux must get a system
JW> administration shell as good looking as Win95's control.exe,
JW> but yet more easier to use (and it should fit on a root disc
JW> ;-)

A full-fledged control panel (ie. something that could configure every
aspect of Linux) is going to do you about as much good as ploping a
copy of control.exe onto a DOS 6.2 boot disk. A full-fledged Linux
(installation) isn't going to fit ont a single fact,
single floppies are probably only going to be used for (1) booting
the machine with root on NFS or (2) installation/repair.

So having a control panel that fits on a single floppy would be a
little silly. But only a little. :)

Other than that, there already is a freely available control panel for
Linux/init/ifconfig/etc. The RedHat control panel (and associated
utilities) should work just fine with non-RedHat systems, and it's
under the GPL, so people can make modifications, port it, do
whatever. The RedHat control panel can manage /etc/fstab, networking
setup (incl. PPP and routing), /etc/printcap, SysVinit, and stuff.
Pretty nifty. Mostly complete.

JW> I think making Linux easier for end users is much more
JW> important than adding yet another feature to the kernel
JW> (therefore this post in dev.kernel ;-).

Not really the right place for the post but you're heart's in the
right place. :) (Followups to linux-apps.)

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