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This may or may not have already been discussed on this
list but i just recently joined it and have a question
about linux and "nuke". Is anything being done to prevent
the ability to "nuke" linux machines, in the sense of lets
say knocking a user off a irc server sending a spoofed
ICMP unreachable? Because i know with all Linux versions
I have used up to and including 2.0.23 i can easily "nuke"
myself or anyone else off if a irc server or otherwise
using a program called snuke.c, the only way i have been
able to prevent the ability of others to "nuke" me is to
use ipfwadm to deny icmp's to port 3 (-S 0/0 3).

Sorry if i do not have my terminology down pact but i hope
atleast one person on this list follows me, hehe :)

Zachary Maas

Ps. once again my apologizes if this subject has already
been discussed and beaten into the ground on this list.

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