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SubjectRe: undiskmanager a disk?
Note: E-mailed *and* posted.

In article <>,
Marty Leisner <> wrote:
:How do I "undiskmanager" a disk?
:Its seems we treat /dev/hd* at 63 sectors off the root...
:I figured I could wipe out the diskmanager signature by doing something
: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdb count=10000
:Seems I can't.

Your attempt failed because the disk manager is installed on hda, not
hdb. If you don't need it on hda, you can try the disk manager's
uninstall procedure (if it has one), but only in fairly rare
circumstances is it possible to do that without losing all the data on
the disk.

Andries' suggestion of passing the kernel an explicit geometry should
make the Linux kernel ignore the disk manager. With luck, once you get
the raw device partitioned, the disk manager will see that it is not
welcome and leave it alone. I don't know of any other way of keeping a
disk manager on the first drive from also taking over a second large

Bob Nichols
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