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SubjectRe: patches from 2.0.x to 2.1.x
Date (Brian Blackmore) writes:

> Patch has been known to go wrong (mainly due to the human element) so
> it[']s a good idea to download the full source every once in a while
> anyway. Besides that it saves Linus work :-)

You must be crazy, or have a T1. The day there isn't contiguous
patches available for Linux is the day I switch to FreeBSD, NetBSD or
NT 4.0. I have missapplied patches only once, and the horrible,
cruel, and unusual punishment I received by having to download a full
kernel source was way overboard compared to the error that I made, and
yet somehow it has prevented me from ever making that mistake again
(The mistake? Patching on a near-full filesystem. The solution? You
don't want to know. Yes, patching patch would be nice but when?)

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