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SubjectAMD P5 CPU - patch needed
I announced weird problems using my new purchased AMD-P5-75
a few months ago. Then several other people reported similar
Yesterday I bought antoher P5-100 and installed it in my
own workstation. I know have the same problems again as back then:

my gpm does not work anymore.
Once i move the mouse the cursor appears and a kernel panic
comes over the screen. After a while ypbind failes
so no nis related functions work anymore (ls -l eg)
Finally once in a while i get the famous divide error
flying over my screen.

I thought i saw a patch flying by on the kernel list.
Unfortunatly our news disk died last week so we had to replace
it with a fresh one. no old news. Can somebody point me in
the direction of a solution for the AMD problem ?

I searched with altavista and hotbot without succes.
I looked at the amd site for something regarding this but
no luck.

Motherboard is the P55-TV from epox (

Thanks in advance

Danny ter Haar | Cistron Internet Services | Unix & Internet | finger for PGP-key | specialists

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