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SubjectRe: NTP/PPS news
On 22 Oct 96 at 2:42, Rob van Nieuwkerk wrote:

> Hi,
> In you write:
> >I put some usr/src/linux/Documentation/kernel-time.txt (8kB) on the tiny
> >FTP server mentioned below. The document just describes what all is
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I don't see it :-)

Yes, you are right. I had had a very busy day yesterday and the day
before was a ling day; I just forgot it.

Here it is:


Ulrich Windl

> I have bought a small DCF-77 module from Conrad in the Netherlands.
> It is supposed to work on 1.2 - 15V and has 4 connection points (screws):
> Ground, Vcc, DCF and !DCF. It is a small printed circuit with a ferrite
> antenna connected to it. The Conrad part# is 641138.
> Two questions:
> - do you know if this module can be used with your software ?
> - can you give me a pointer to a circuit which interfaces
> this module to a RS-232 port ?

For use with xntpd (you might get an ELF binary from me) you can try
to connect the two Gronds and DCF with RxD. I don't know the module,
but I guess it's powered from elewhere. For my PPS code if the DCF
output is strong enough, you can also supply the output of DCF to CD
(Carrier Detect). Currently xntpd woun't enable this; it has to be
done by hand (see design.txt).

> Greetings,
> Rob van Nieuwkerk

I hope you don't mind the CC: ...

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