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SubjectRe: BusLogic FlashPoints and Red Hat Linux 4.0...
  From: "Michael K. Johnson" <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 18:06:19 -0400

I've worded that subject line carefully. While I don't want to say
that Red Hat "supports" BusLogic FlashPoint SCSI adapters yet, I've
created boot disks for Red Hat Linux 4.0 which should recognize the
FlashPoint, and which can be used, if they work, to install Red Hat
Linux 4.0 on a system with a FlashPoint adapter.

Unfortunately, we don't have a FlashPoint adapter to test this
boot disk with.

If you have a FlashPoint adapter and are willing to test it for us
(and preferably to test one more disk later; the current disk has
compiled-in support for the FlashPoint but we'll eventually want to
distribute modular support as we prefer to do for all SCSI adapters)
you can simply download it, gunzip it, dd it to a floppy, and boot
it. Watch the boot messages for notice of detecting the FlashPoint
adapter. If you don't wish to install, that's all we need to know;
just let us know if it was detected.

I FTPed your boot image and tried it on my test system with "linux
root=/dev/sda1". It happily detected both FlashPoint LT's in the system and
came up just fine, except for networking as it lacked support for my 3C509.

Thanks for making the FlashPoint boot image available.


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